Perfect Pink Dozen PR32NV

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Perfect Pin Dozen of Roses

Make a statement! This lush arrangement of hot pink roses and greenery can be a fabulously romantic gift.

Nothing Says Romance like a Dozen Of Roses

Upgrade options (When you upgrade from Standard to Classic you get longer Roses, Upgrade to Deluxe you get even Longer Roses)

Vase is not included with this Arrangement but can be added as a separate item to this order have a look at the additional options.

Whether you choose to send the flowers as a surprise to her Work place Or Just Home,

we promise to deliver the Flowers to your nominated destination.

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Due to the Big Demand in Flower Delivery’s on Valentine’s Day

We ask all our customers to be patient when placing the order for Flower Delivery, and we request to specify the latest delivery time so we can make sure she will get it on 14th Of February.