Garden Bowl Arrangement Gerbera and Iris

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 Garden Bowl of Yellow Gerbera and Purple Iris

This is one of our Best Sellers!!!

Yellow Gerbera and Purple Iris Garden Bowl style Arrangement, This is a very bright arrangement.

Details: All the Gerberas are specially wired to get a maximum life span.

Gerberas are sourced directly from the growers and delivered to us on a regular basis 2-3 times a week,

Duch Purple Iris they come in closed buds, so it takes few days for them to open and be in full bloom,

to ensure they will last longer.

Foilege: We use Tropical Rafus leafs for our Greenery which gives this arrangement that WoW effect.

Wrraping: We use Clear Celophane with Purple Tishue paper which comes in octagonal shape,

Then we Wrap it around the bowl of flowers.

Using Yellow ribbon with 8 loops for a bow we secure the wrapping around the arrangement,

to create that effect of beauty, elegance and Perfection 

This is a very Bright and colourful arrangement, and it's perfect for any type of occasion.
Great gift for that special someone, wether it's a birthday, get well soon, i'm sorry, thank you, just because or new born baby they will love, adore and enjoy this Flowers.